Polk County Assets


Drilling and Production

The Stanley-1 and Stanley-2 wells have been turned over to production

The Stanley-1 well was drilled in July 2018, As predicted pre-drill, multiple potentially productive hydrocarbon zones were identified within the well-bore. The  production facilities have been upgraded in order to handle the increased fluid volume from Stanley-1. The initial  reports on the produced oil from Stanley-1 were that it was 36.5 degree API gravity crude. Recent analysis suggests that the API gravity is approximately 42 degrees.

The Stanley-2 well was drilled in March 2019, and encountered multiple potential oil and gas bearing reservoirs. The well is flowing oil into the production facilities.

Stanley-3 is the next well to be drilled in the project area. The geoscience and engineering work for Stanley-3 is complete, and location preparation is underway.

From OIL production to sales

Oil is transferred from the on site storage tanks and is ready for transport to market

Stanley-2 Oil Flow

The oil flow from the Stanley 2 well, upon completion of flow testing and after being re-directed into the storage tanks at the production facility