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We combine over 60 years of experience in 3D seismic interpretation, petroleum geology, financial and economic evaluations, petroleum land & lease management, and project planning and  execution.

Delivering Results


By rigorously investigating well data, well location and survey information, and historical production, we seek and capture project areas that offer significant and previously unidentified hydrocarbon resource potential. 

Our projects are primarily 3D seismic amplitude supported and in normally pressured, conventional reservoir systems. 

Looking for Opportunities


Baja Oil & Gas  will expand our portfolio by selectively adding high potential projects, where our particular skills and experience add substantial value.


The Stanley-3 well has been successfully drilled to the planned total depth.

All objective reservoirs were encountered as expected. The well has now been completed and turned over to production.

Stanley-3 Oil flow test

Stanley-3 initial oil flow into test tank. 

Following the 24 hour initial production test period, the oil flow was re-directed to the production facilities.

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